Texas AG Paxton Exposes Biden’s Covert Plot Amid Border Chaos: ‘Not An Accident’


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA)  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton unveiled on Friday what he suggested to be President Joe Biden’s efforts to conceal the border chaos amid concerns he might lose his 2024 due to widespread criticism of illegal immigration.

Speaking on Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt Tonight, Paxton implied that the deployment of Mexican armed forces to their side of the border and the Border Patrol’s halt of cutting Texas-led razor wire are part of Biden’s strategy to salvage his faltering re-election bid. 

“We all know what’s going on—there’s a deal,” Paxton told Newsmax anchor Rob Schmitt, according to an interview transcript. “Otherwise, the Mexican government would not be doing this.” 

Earlier this week, the Mexican government directed hundreds of law enforcement officials to block a caravan headed for the U.S. with at least 2,000 potential illegal immigrants. Paxton said that the sudden involvement of the Mexican government in attempting to secure the southern border is not “an accident,” but rather a calculated move to aid Biden. 

“This doesn’t happen randomly since we’ve been dealing with this for what, 3 1/2 years? And suddenly the Mexican government is stopping people from getting to our border,” Paxton remarked, alluding to the Mexican deployment.

He further added: “That’s not an accident, and that’s designed to help Joe Biden pull the election out because that is his worst issue, according to polling.” 

Addressing the highly publicized clash between the federal government and Texas, Paxton asserted that the Biden administration has abruptly ceased dismantling razor wire and border fences erected by the Texas National Guard to impede illegal entry into the U.S. 

“We lost our injunction on the wire cuttings, so [federal agents] have the ability to cut down our wire, our fences… and we’re still in litigation over that. But they have never done it,” Paxton told Newsmax. “So even though they have the ability to do it since that ruling, you know, a little over a month ago, there’s been no cutting of our fences. We continue to put them up.” 

He elaborated further, adding: “So I would not be surprised as the election comes and his numbers have been affected negatively, I say … Joe Biden … would want that issue to go away at least until the election,” Paxton added. “And then if he pulls off an election, bring it right back.” 

Paxton’s assertions come as Biden faces bipartisan criticism for a rampant influx of illegal aliens entering the U.S. Some of these individuals have been implicated in high-profile crimes, including the tragic death of beloved Georgia nursing student Laken Riley. Riley was brutally murdered by an illegal alien from Venezuela in a randomized attack, prosecutors revealed. 

According to a poll published by the Wall Street Journal in February, immigration ranks among the top concerns for Americans. A staggering 65 percent of voters said that they disapprove of how Biden is managing the border. Even more concerning, the newspaper found that 71 percent of Americans believe immigration and border security are headed in the wrong direction.


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