The Mask Craziness Proceeds: North Carolina Papa Invests 1 day behind bars for Declining to Put On Mask


< img src =""alt =""> A North Carolina man that refused to wear a mask in a court house that had indications saying masks were not called for spent 1 day in jail after refusing to use a mask.

“I never believed this can occur in this nation,” Gregory Hahn claimed, according to WRAL-TV.

Hahn, 47, entered the court house in Harnett Region on Monday to be evaluated for jury task. Judge Charles Gilchrist desired all 98 possible jurors to wear masks. Hahn rejected.

“I simply said, ‘I’m not going to put on a mask,'” Hahn said. “He said, ‘I understand that you do not want to put on a mask,’ as well as I resembled, ‘That is appropriate, sir,’ and he claims, ‘May I ask why?'”

After Hahn’s repeated rejection to use a mask, Gilchrist sent him to jail without any bond for contempt of court.


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“What the paradox of this entire point is that the judge was talking to me without a mask on,” Hahn claimed.

Hahn, who is a single father, asked to call his boy. The demand was denied.

“I was stunned,” Hahn said, adding, “I’m incarcerated for doing my civic responsibility as well as not doing anything. … It’s mind-blowing.”

In an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Hahn claimed the general public health worth of the court’s mask order was marginal.

“We remained in [a setting up space] for around 20 to thirty minutes, side by side, with three-quarters people not using masks,” he claimed. “So the infection– if there was infection out there– infected us anyhow.”

Notary Renee Whittenton claimed Gilchrist makes his own rules.

“You can go into any area court without a mask. … You can go to the district attorney’s office without a mask, however with Court Gilchrist, he has a mandate that you must wear a mask,” she stated.

Whittenton stated Gilchrist is the only premium court judge in the region who requires masks.


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