The Schaftlein Report | Devastation in Southwest Florida ⋆ Flag And Cross


Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

1) Potentially hundreds dead, 2.0M without power, winds clocked at 150 MPH fifth highest ever.
Captiva and Sanibel bridges wiped out.

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2) Harris makes ridiculous statement saying we have a “strong alliance with the Republic of North Korea”. She is not quailified to be VP.

3) Biden comes under severe criticism over deceased Congresswoman remark about Jackie Walorski

4) Oz within 3 points of that radical Fetterman in PA

5) Johnson +5 in Wisconsin over radical Mandela Barnes

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6) Democrats weak on crime policies are catching up on them. 6 injured in Oakland school shooting.

7) Mike Pompeo initiates campaign to root out Woke policies in the military.

8) Everything Democrats touch becomes a disaster. Republicans forecast to gain in Mid terms. is the Cavalry coming?

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