Trump Attorney Corrects Justice Brown-Jackson During Oral Arguments on Immunity Claim


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During Thursday’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court on Trump’s immunity claim, Missouri-based attorney John Sauer, representing Trump, embarrassed liberal Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

The case involved Trump’s immunity from prosecution in Jack Smith’s January 6 case in DC, following a federal appeals court ruling that he was not immune.

Trump’s legal team had contended that he was immune from federal prosecution for actions taken while he was President of the United States.

The central question debated was whether a US President could be prosecuted for official (not personal) acts.

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson made a mistake by suggesting that granting immunity to presidents would encourage criminal behavior in the future.

“Presidents from the beginning of time had understood that that’s a possibility, that might be what has kept this office from turning into the kind of crime center that I’m envisioning, but once we say, ‘no criminal liability Mr. President – you can do whatever you want.’ – I’m worried that we would have a worse problem than the problem of the president feeling constrained to follow the law while he’s in office,” Ketanji Brown Jackson said.

John Sauer dunked on Ketanji Brown Jackson.

“I respectfully disagree with that because the regime you’ve described is the regime we’ve operated under for over 234 years,” John Sauer said. “There has not been an expectation based on 234 years of unbroken political…”

Ketanji Brown Jackson stuttered as she interrupted John Sauer.


Mike Davis, a former clerk for Justice Gorsuch, suggested on Thursday that the Supreme Court is likely to rule in favor of President Trump in his presidential immunity case by a margin of 5-4 or 6-3, as it positions the court in a more secure stance.


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