Trump Plans Covert ‘Assassination Squads’ In Mexico to Take Out Cartel Leaders


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Donald Trump is allegedly considering deploying covert “assassination squads” into Mexico upon assuming office to eliminate Mexican drug cartel leaders causing chaos in America.

Rolling Stone reported that Trump is contemplating this strategy if he wins the presidency again, aiming to instill fear in the most infamous drug lords in Mexico.

The former president has not presented specific details in public about these plans — for example, how many U.S. troops he’d be willing to send into sovereign Mexican territory.

But, the three sources tell Rolling Stone, in conversations with close MAGA allies, including at least one Republican lawmaker, Trump has privately endorsed the idea of covertly deploying — with or without the Mexican government’s consent — special-ops units that would be tasked with, among other missions, assassinating the leaders and top enforcers of Mexico’s powerful and most notorious drug cartels.

In some of these discussions, Trump has insisted that the U.S. military has “tougher killers than they do” and pondered why these assassination missions haven’t been done before, arguing that eliminating the heads of cartels would go a long way toward hobbling their operations and striking fear into the hearts of “the kingpins.”

During some of these conversations, Trump has likened these proposals to the 2019 military raid that he ordered that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, insisting that the U.S. should approach drug cartel leadership in the same manner.

One of the sources, who discussed the issue with Trump earlier this year, recalls the ex-president saying that the U.S. government should have a “kill list of drug lords,” as this source describes Trump’s ideas, of the most powerful and infamous cartel figures that American special forces would be assigned to kill or capture in a potential second Trump administration.

Trump has openly discussed his intentions to address Mexico’s drug cartels if he is re-elected.

Since Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021, the drug cartels have increased their activities in the United States by exploiting the open border and distributing dangerous substances like fentanyl.

In April of last year, Trump suggested that he would be prepared to deploy military force to tackle the drug cartels, even without Mexico’s approval.

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