Truth Social Plans to Launch Live Streaming Platform for Canceled Content


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Trump Media and Technology Group announced on Apr. 16, 2024, that it is scaling up a live TV streaming platform for the content that has been previously canceled.

The streaming platform has been in the testing phase for the past six months, according to the press release.

“The streaming content is expected to focus on live TV including news networks, religious channels, family-friendly content including films and documentaries and other content that has been canceled, is at risk of cancellation or is being suppressed on other platforms and services,” the company’s press release said.

The company expressed its plan to begin streaming the content through the Truth Social app for Android, iOS and web and then expand to other streaming apps, followed by the release of Truth Social streaming apps for home TV.

The company didn’t announce a timetable in the press release.

“We’re excited to move forward with the next big phase for Truth Social. With our streaming content, we aim to provide a permanent home for high-quality news and entertainment that face discrimination by other channels and content delivery services,” CEO Devin Nunes said in a statement.

Nunes then continued explaining why the company’s platform would be a great place for those who were canceled.

“There is a lot of great content that simply can’t find an audience for unjust reasons, and we want to let these creators know they’ll soon have a guaranteed platform where they won’t be canceled,” he said.

The new service will be “independent of Big Tech” and serve as part of the company’s “free-speech mission,” the press release added.

Donald Trump previously said his “hush money” trial in New York City, which entered its second day of jury selection on Apr. 16, 2024, is a clear illustration of political suppression, with the prosecutors asking him to be fined $1,000 for each social media post that they say violates a gag order against him, according to the Western Journal.

“This conflicted, Trump-Hating Judge won’t let me respond to people that are on TV lying and spewing hate all day long. He is running roughshod over my lawyers and legal team. The New York System of ‘Justice’ is being decimated by critics from all over the World. I want to speak, or at least be able to respond. Election Interference! RIGGED, UNCONSTITUTIONAL TRIAL! Take off the Gag Order!!!” he wrote on Truth Social.


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