Tucker Carlson Makes Another Bold Prediction About The Future Of


Former Fox News star Tucker Carlson has made a stunning prediction in his seventh Twitter monologue posted on Wednesday.

He believes the Democratic Party is ready to jettison both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris ahead of the 2024 election for a “more ruthless” candidate, likely California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

Carlson remarked that due to Biden’s senility which appears to be worsening with each passing day, there is no way he has enough time left in him – one year into his current term and four more if he wins re-election – to remain competent and lucid.

He also noted that Harris has become the least popular vice president in recent history according to a new poll, further cementing her status as an albatross around the party’s neck.

It looks like Democrats will have no choice but to search for a replacement for both Biden and Harris before their next presidential run.

Tucker explained that there is only one political leader the Democrats can turn to who has enough charisma to win: California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Although some may see this as a ridiculous move by the Dems, it may be their only hope if they want any chance at victory come 2024.

This would mean not only saying goodbye to Biden but also pushing him into retirement while finding yet another suitable replacement for Harris.

Whether or not Carlson’s prediction comes true, it does appear clear that Democrats are facing an uphill battle when it comes time for them to choose who should lead the party.

“The people who control Joe Biden — Susan Rice and the rest — know they can continue to run our government — writing the press releases, formulating the policies — and they can do it effectively forever as long as Joe Biden gets dressed in the morning,” Tucker said. “And, of course, that’s their strong preference. These are fervent opponents of change.

“But the one thing these people cannot control is aging,” he continued. “Joe Biden is old. He’s 80 now. He’ll be 85 at the end of the next term. … When old people start to slide, they tend to slide fast. Joe Biden has begun that descent.

“In a year or two,…


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