Tucker Carlson Shreds FBI for Raid on Anti-Abortion Protestor: ‘Pro-Lifers … Are Currently Terrorists’ ⋆ Flag And Also Cross


Paul Vaughn does not sound like the sort of person that obtains robbed by the FBI.

He’s not some negative, loner-ish chemical engineering grad cooking up ricin in the basement or a mid-level drug runner. He’s a 55-year-old previous pastor with a wife and 11 children that now runs a small company in Tennessee.

However, as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted in his opening monologue on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday, he’s precisely the sort of individual President Joe Biden’s FBI thinks deserves coming down on– hard.

“Last Wednesday early morning, at regarding 7:15, an agrarian scene at the Vaughn home. Numerous of Paul Vaughn’s kids are standing in the front yard about to head to college,” Carlson stated.

“All of a sudden, out of no place, their world falls down around them: A group of FBI representatives equipped with automated rifles strokes in their SUVs and also starts pounding on the front door of the family house.”


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Vaughn was diverted by FBI agents– all due to the fact that he protested outside a Tennessee abortion center in 2021 in a manner the Division of Justice asserts made up blockage of the entry as well as intimidation of center staff members.

According to CBN Information, Vaughn belonged to a group of 11 pro-life lobbyists that were apprehended for the March 2021 protest. They’re billed with infractions of the FACE Act (or Freedom of Accessibility to Clinic Entrances Act; yet even more evidence there isn’t a politician active that can resist a corny phrase), which could land them behind bars for 11 years.

Vaughn’s spouse tape-recorded the results of the raid:

“Body armor, little watch caps, automatic tools held ready, removing with her husband,” Carlson claimed.

“‘Why are you taking him? That are you?’ she asks, but certainly they totally overlook her. ‘No, we’re not mosting likely to answer. We attempted’– when they didn’t. They do not have …


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