Ukraine Annihilates Coveted Bridge Between Crimea and Russia ⋆ This is HUGE! ⋆ Flag And Cross


In what is yet another sign of the Russian army’s impending doom, Ukraine has notched an enormous accomplishment in their quest to dispel the Kremlin’s invaders.

The news comes to us from Crimea :  A region illegally annexed by Russia back in 2014 that Ukraine is likely to attempt to take back in the coming weeks.

A mysterious ‘wave’ which appeared under the bridge between Russia and occupied Crimea moments before it was blown up has fuelled speculation that Ukrainian special services used a boat or explosive-laden drone to launch an attack that has damaged Putin’s supply lines.

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Moscow furiously claimed a truck bomb caused the blast which killed at least three people but did not apportion blame – while the speaker of Crimea’s Kremlin-backed regional parliament accused Kyiv of being behind the explosion which took place early this morning, just hours after Putin’s 70th birthday.

Putin responded to the embarrassing attack by ordering tightened security at the bridge.

In a decree issued hours after the bridge was damaged by a blast, Putin said the FSB security service would be responsible for strengthening protection measures.

Kyiv’s official response to the bridge’s destruction was cheeky.

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Ukrainian officials have repeatedly threatened to strike the bridge and some lauded the destruction, but Kyiv stopped short of claiming responsibility. However, a top aide to President Zelensky boasted that ‘Putin should be happy. Not everyone gets such an expensive birthday present’, and the Prime Minister of Estonia suggested that the attack was committed by Ukraine.

The bridge was an essential part of the Russian resupply routine, and its inaccessibility could be one of the final nails in the Kremlin’s coffin.


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