Ukrainian Counterattack Leaves Russian Helicopter Fleet in Smoldering Ruins


In” The Art of War,” Sunlight Tzu specified,”All warfare is based in deception.”

The timeless fact of that observation from a Chinese strategist of the 6th Century B.C. is on complete display screen in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, with the exploration of a harmful example of deceptiveness in modern war.

To counter Ukrainian air defenses, Russia has been making use of short-range ballistic rockets that launch decoy munitions while bring their harmful hauls. This development stunned Western observers, The New York City Times reported on Monday.

Determining the 16-inch lengthy, dart-shaped objects recovered in Ukraine as component of a decoy system solved a secret that started shortly after the invasion began in late February. In the beginning, the odd recouped munitions were perplexing, as shown in a Twitter blog post by CAT-UXO, a site recognized by the Times as planned for “military and private bomb disposal professionals.”

As reported by the U.K. Daily Mail, rocket decoys are known in military jargon as “infiltration aids,” or PENAIDs, and were created during the Cold Battle.

According to The Drive, an auto site with extensive protection of military issues, PENAIDS were originally deployed on long-range missiles lugging nuclear warheads. They were developed in feedback to the development of anti-missile defense systems.

The concept is to overwhelm enemy air defenses with multiple prospective hazards, so the genuine tools have much better probabilities of striking their targets.

The Russian development has been to include the decoys to their short-range Iskander-M projectiles, according to the Times, which noted, “The incorporation of the tools into weapons like the Iskander-M that have traditional warheads has actually not been formerly recorded in military collections.”

These so-called short-range tools still have a variety of 310 miles, according to The Drive.

The rockets are discharged from mobile launchers, which raises their reach as well as changability. Both The Drive and also the …


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