VIDEO CLIP: Biden Issues Declaration On Russian Invasion & It’s A Freakin’ Train Accident


Rich Welsh|On Thursday, President Joe Biden made a claim on the Russian attack of Ukraine and also, incredibly, he after that took some questions from media reporters. The whole thing took less than a 50% of hr.

Among other traits, the president highlighted the extent of the permissions that the USA and also various other countries are troubling Russia while concurrently he mentioned that nods will not stop Putin’s aggressiveness versus Ukraine.

Since the time of Biden’s claim, it seemed that there were no nods however imposed versus Vladimir Putin himself that purchased the intrusion, or everything including the worldwide SWIFT financial institution. It had not been demonstrated during the declaration, however it seemed like the president sent out the sensation that he carried out not get the complete worldwide help for extra nods that he bragged about establishing.

After weeks of hyping up the possibility and afterwards the probability of a Russian intrusion into Ukraine, the Commander-in-Chief produced it very clear that there will be no NATO or even United States armed forces reaction to the Russian infiltration. Regardless of Biden’s difficult chat unsupported claims, the people of Ukraine are alone as well as by themselves. He performed the exact same factor to numerous American residents stuck in Afghanistan, leaving them behind when try as they carried out, they could not come to the Kabul flight terminal over time for the ultimate trip out of the country.

The president stumbled when reviewing from the teleprompter and also he looked even worse when answering press reporters’ concerns. He smiled at unacceptable opportunities, which some doctors say is a sign of dementia (certainly not stating Biden has dementia) but checking out Biden’s functionality today offers support to the theory that his obvious weak point as a leader is just one of the main reason whies Putin felt he could possibly get into.


This certainly never will have taken place under Donald Trump, especially after Head of state Trump advised the Russians in Syria that if they continued to make it possible for Spetsnaz (unique forces soldiers that Putin described as hirelings) he would certainly fail all of them. The Russians failed to feel him, as well as Trump offered the order to General James Mattis, who ordered the bombing which killed about 190 mercs, 90 of them Russian soldiers. From that time on, Putin assumed Trump was actually too uncertain, and also he certainly never made an effort just about anything visible again … Source

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