Video: Gun Range Employees Saw Punk Stab Policewoman, Responded with Firepower


Everyone has heard the adage about the guy who brought a knife to a gunfight.

But recently, the BlazeTV show “Rick and Bubba” mined the archives for the cautionary tale of a man who allegedly tried to pilfer a gun at concealed carry class and then stabbed a police officer with a screwdriver.

“If you’re someone who likes to take other people’s things, don’t do it at a concealed carry class where everybody’s got a gun,” host Rick Burgess said.

But that is what Marvon Payton Jr. apparently did on Feb. 3, 2021, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Payton, 27, was going through the bag of a student in a concealed carry weapons permit class at a Las Vegas gun range, the Review-Journal reported.


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The bag contained a gun that Payton apparently had his eye on, but the owner of the bag and gun intervened, Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman said.

Payton was escorted from the business after police were called. Then a second call came alleging Payton was being “aggressive” and had “threatened the employees.”

As seen in security footage of the parking lot of the range, police pulled up and spoke with Payton, who was told to move in front of the police car.

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“Mr. Payton ignored those instructions and started to walk away while hiding his right hand in his jacket pocket,” Zimmerman said.

Payton pulled out an object police identified as a screwdriver and lashed out at the officers, injuring one of them. The female officer suffered a fracture near her eye.

Then came a group of employees from the range, who opened fire on Payton along with police.

“Their involvement actually helped our officer and could have saved our officer’s life,” Zimmerman said.

Payton was hit 14 times and was killed.

“I’m afraid that he went to a gunfight with a screwdriver,” Bubba Bussey commented on “Rick and Bubba.”


Video: Gun Range Employees Saw Punk Stab…

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