VIDEO: INSANE Leftist Climate ‘Activists’ Destroy Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Painting & That’s Not All …


Sometimes it is actually tough to also fathom what the heck is actually experiencing the thoughts of a few of these radical leftist youngsters … in all.

Fairly frankly, I am actually certainly not also sure if just about anything is actually also developing in their gray concern what thus ever.

Today, below I am actually thinking that the right cherishes the magnum opus of craft in human background … what a bonehead I am, right?

Exactly how these children assumed that this was visiting gain people over to their edge is actually beyond me … it is actually merely ashine …

The Gateway Expert is actually mentioning:

Pair of disturbed girls of the activist team Just Cease Oil tossed tomato soup over a painting by Vincent truck Gogh’s Sunflowers on Friday that was on show at Greater london’s National Gallery.

Phoebe Plummer, 21, from London, and also Anna Holland, 20, coming from Newcastle dumped pair of canisters of Heinz tomato soup all over an $80.99 thousand art work, which is actually defended through glass.

This whole occurrence was photographed by Damien Gayle, a correspondent for the Guardian. Lots of people could not believe what they had actually observed.

Check out the online video below:

“What deserves more, fine art or lifestyle? Is it worth more than food? Really worth greater than compensation? Are you extra concerned concerning the protection of an art work or even the security of our earth and people?” said Phoebe Plummer.

“The expense of living dilemma is part of the cost of oil crisis. Gas is expensive to countless cool, hungry family members. They can not also afford to heat a container of soup,” she included.

The National Showroom team quickly released the area, according to the Guardian.

Just Cease Oil is actually a climate lobbyist group in the UK making use of civil protection requiring the UK Authorities agrees to end all new oil and gas manufacturing. It released on 14 February 2022.

According …


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