VIDEO: Italians Show The World How To Deal w/ ‘Protesters’ Blocking Traffic … This … is … EPIC


If you have ever been blocked by liberal protesters or even if you see it on TV or read about it in the newspaper, what is the first thing you think about? I don’t know what you are thinking, but for myself, I wonder why the drivers don’t drag them off the highway and out of the way. Especially when the police avoid doing their jobs, under orders from their elitist superiors.

In the following video, you will see what happened in Rome, when drivers got tired of watching a bunch of snowflakes from the group Extinction Rebellion, a bunch of radical tree huggers, block the roads and cause them to be stuck in traffic with no police in sight. The drivers got out of their cars and drug the protesters off the road. Some drivers were able to pick their way through before the protesters were back to blocking the road.

This kept for a while, with drivers yanking the protesters from the road and a few cars escaping before the road was blocked again. The city leaders, who didn’t give a rat’s patoot about the drivers, became worried that the protesters who were illegally blocking the streets, sent police and the city’s special forces branch began arresting the protesters for their safety. I’m sure all charges will be dropped later. I don’t blame the city leaders, I blame the people who keep electing these swine time and time again.

From The Gateway Pundit

It is a wonder that these useless protests aren’t busted up by irate drivers more often. In fact, it is surprising that in most countries where these disruptions have taken place, motorists have simply sat acquiescently and allowed the protesters to carry on with their foolishness unmolested.

In most cases, protesting is a time-honored way for people to get their voices heard in democratic nations. And most people — whether in Europe, Israel, Canada, or the U.S. — respect the right to…


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