VIDEO: Jon Stewart Honors LITERAL NAZI From Ukraine at DISNEY World [VIDEO RECORDING]


The left is actually the master of estimate. They have developed the emotional method to such a degree that it is awesome.

At the similar time the leftist political power structure is combining with and also coopting the energy of the globalist corporate can course to force insolvency upon their ideological equivalents they label US as ‘fascists.’

They call our company ‘literal Nazis’ in the very same breath that they honor … ‘LITERAL NAZIS’ with tenacity honors at one of the globalist business partners’ sites.

Mel Brooks might certainly not create this crap up if you provided him an extra pound of weed and also a kilo of LSD for crying out loud …

Jim Hoft, owner of The Portal Expert stated:

The Biden administration welcomed their heroes, the Azov Multitude, a neo-Nazi team, to Disney World recently where they were recognized as well-regarded visitors of the Government.

Leftist Jon Stewart granted neo-Nazi Ihor Halushka along with the desirable “Soul of the Group Honor.”

Jon Stewart recognized a well-known participant of the Neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” with the “Center of the Group Honor” during the course of ceremonies at Disney World.

Via Tucker Carlson.

The GrayZone reported:

Protection Department-sponsored “Enthusiast Video games” included liberal comic Jon Stewart awarding an element of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Multitude at Disney Planet. The Pentagon rejected to say to The Grayzone whether US taxpayers cashed the overseas competitions’ traveling.

This August, during the Division of Defense’s annual Enthusiast Video games at Disney World in Orlando, Florida this August 19-28, liberal comic Jon Stewart rewarded a Ukrainian military veteran named Ihor Halushka the “Heart of the Team” award for “motivating his team” with his “private example.”

Halushka happens to have been a member of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which has been actually equipped by the US as well as integrated into the Ukrainian National Personnel. The award-winning ultra-nationalist put on a sleeve over his nigh side arm as he allowed the award, most likely to cover his design of the Nazi Sonnenrad, or even Black Sun.

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