VIDEO: The Scenery’s Joy Behar Performs a Face Plant on Stage Before Live Reader


Rich Welsh|On Thursday’s episode of ABC’s “The Viewpoint,” Happiness Behar, among one of the most misnamed tv stars, was walking out on the stage at the start of the online program as well as took an autumn on the flooring equally she was just about making an effort to climb up into her seat.

The 79-year-old leftist shrew executed a face-plant on stage as the gps feed was actually grabbing the spill to be actually transmitted bent on the globe.

Co-hosts Sunny Hostin as well as Sara Haines wheezed at the scene prior to relating to their feelings and also trying to aid Behar return up.

Whoopi Goldberg also visited where Behar got on the floor to aid her through telling her to “just stand.” As if that had not been what the longtime celebrity wanted.

Hostin and Haines aided Behar rise off the flooring, and a production assistant even went out onto the stage to aid at the same time.

Fact be actually informed, I don’t as if Behar also a little bit of. I think she’s unpleasant, condescending, and a mean individual, however I enjoy to mention that she really did not go through any severe trauma, and also like a trooper, she trembled it off as well as took place to carry out the show.

While the entertainer was actually quite noticeably drunk by the case, she bounced back simple sufficient as well as laughed it off in a manner that simply a pro entertainer could.

“Twenty-five years, that possesses never ever occurred– who perform I file a claim against?” she stated as she sat down at the table.

Eventually, Behar buckled down and said to the viewers that if you take a loss you need to check your signs and symptoms.

“The main thing– only to speak seriously– when Bob Saget dropped, he perished,” Behar claimed. “If you reach your head, as well as you really feel dizzy or you have blurred vision, or even you believe that you intend to go to sleep, head to the physician. Since that will certainly eliminate you.”

She surmised the incident in a comedic, self-demeaning way, saying, “I’m a klutz!”


The comic is no stranger to controversy. Recently, Behar was actually banged for fussing that the Russian intrusion of Ukraine could distress her International trip preparation.

Final month, Behar virtue-signaled to …


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