Wall Street Journal’s Report on “Victims” of Guo Wengui/Miles Guo


by Matt Palumbo

Following public outrage and global protests by GTV investors after it was revealed that no identifiable victims exit in DOJ’s bogus fraud case against Guo Wengui, the CCP and Guo’s critics are firing back – or at least trying to.

Guo (also known as Miles Guo and Miles Kwok), was arrested on March 15, 2023, and has been held without bail ever since. As Southern District of New York prosecutors argue to keep Guo imprisoned, they claimed that “between April 20, 2020 and June 2, 2020, Kwok [Guo] and his co-conspirators sold approximately $452 million worth of stock to over 5,500 investors” in his media company GTV. Yet, of these 5,500+ investors,  the SDNY named zero of them specifically as victims, and provides no evidence they see themselves as such.

Weeks later, the Wall Street Journal’s Sha Hua, who worked in China and lives in Singapore, claims to have finally found some of them – yet her list raises even more questions.

Her article walks through the narratives from a number of claimed investors with a similar story arc – that they were fans of Guo and his mission, wanted to invest in him, and then didn’t get the returns they were promised, or were unable to withdraw their money. Before diving in to the individuals specifically, it’s essential to note that the article’s main flaw is that the only reason investors don’t have access to their money is because the government has seized it.

Hua of all people should know this, because back in August 2020, merely two months after GTV finished its first fundraising, she herself reported in the WSJ that the SEC and FBI were investigating and seizing investor funds from GTV. As a result of this early attack by the government, GTV never even had the chance to grow.

As was pointed out in a prior article, the government is the only one harming GTV investors, as all of the investor’s money is accounted for; the SDNY’s prosecutors allege that Guo perpetrated a $1.14 billion fraud – yet court filings show that $633.6 million in cash was seized from Guo, and that was in addition to $539 million already seized by the SEC. In other words, the SDNY alleges a fraud of $1.14 billion – and more than that amount, $1.17 billion in cash, was seized. How could Guo have funded his…


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