Watch: 33-Year-Old Priest Reports Devastating Health Issues 1 Day After Getting the Jab


A young, 33-year-old priest, Edward Looney, said via a YouTube video he posted that he was in the emergency room in Green Bay, Wisconsin, for about 14 hours on Jan. 5 because of concerns he had about a rapid heart rate that developed after he had the COVID vaccine.

The hospital kept him overnight and sent him home the next day with some medication, saying there was nothing more they could do for him.

Looney also posted about his experience on his Twitter account.


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” For the last 14 hours I’ve been a patient at St Vincent’s for high heart rate. They don’t know the cause but the doctor has prescribed a medication to treat it. I am being discharged this evening.”

He said in the video that his health issue began in February 2021 when hospitals were telling clergy that if they weren’t vaccinated, they couldn’t make sick calls.

So Looney felt that in order to continue that aspect of his job, that he needed to follow through and get the vaccination.

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“I didn’t have an immediate reaction,” he said, “but when I got home, I realized that my heart rate was higher than it normally was, that it was about 110 or 115 beats per minute.”

According to Cleveland Clinic, a normal heart rate for an adult is between 60 to 100 beats per minute.

Looney said he was “really tired as a result of it. So I literally just sat in my recliner [and] I slept it off.”

He said he didn’t have any additional problems after that.

Then came the second vaccine. He said his heart rate was even higher than the…


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