Watch: Florida Man Cries Thanking DeSantis for Hurricane Aid, Then Does a 180 and Blasts Biden ⋆ Flag And Cross


Leave it to Florida Man to say just what you were thinking … but in a way that can’t be repeated in front of women and children.

In a short video shared Wednesday on TikTok, a man who introduced himself as Joey Donkersloot did just that.

It’s a short video, and it’s definitely not safe for work, so let me give you a quick play-by-play.

“All you guys know me, Joey Donkersloot,” the video opens. The video was shared to someone else’s TikTok account, where it’s received almost half a million views, but for some reason it doesn’t appear on Donkersloot’s. (Don’t worry: We have it for you a little further down.)

However, he appears to be the genuine article: According to various social media accounts, he’s a resident of Pine Island, which got blasted by Hurricane Ian when it made landfall almost two weeks ago, and former owner of Dunkersloot Marine. (A post on the company’s Facebook page says the business was bought out last year, which leads me to wonder how the new owners feel about Dunkersloot’s TikTok fame … but I digress.)


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“Ron DeSantis answered my prayers,” he said next on the video. “Came to St. James City today, shook my hand.”

St. James City is an unincorporated “census-designated area” on Pine Island. (Dunkersloot’s TikTok handle is “joeymayorofpineisland.”)

At this point in the video, Dunkersloot started to tear up — which, until I finished watching the entire video, is why I thought this video had gotten so many views.

“And he’s getting us all the food and water and everything we need. He was there; he came for us. He’s helping us. God bless him. He’s going to be our next president,” Donkersloot said.

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I guess if the marine business in Florida ever goes south, he could get a gig doing election forecasts.

“I should be on all the national news, but he came. He’s going to help us. We got help coming now, it’s…


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