Watch: Joe Rogan Definitely Torches Wanderer Owner for Propping Up Leftist Censorship


Podcasting king Joe Rogan recently exposed how bad multi-millionaire Jann Wenner, the infamously left-wing creator of Rolling Stone magazine, in fact gets on the topic of free speech by pointing out the absurdity of Wenner’s sights on Huge Technology and also big federal government censorship.

Wenner, that supposedly has a net worth of $600 million, appeared on the “Joe Rogan Experience” Oct. 5 episode, and also at one point during the discussion, the subject turned toward censorship.

Both the publication as well as its owner, certainly, have been stolid advocates of the far left as well as the Democrat Event since the publication’s creation.

The magazine is so offered out to the left and hostile to the GOP that in Might it also wrongly claimed that the mass killer who skyrocketed a Buffalo, New York, grocery store was a “conventional Republican” despite the fact that the killer expressly knocked Republican politicians in his rambling statement of belief.

When censorship showed up towards completion of Rogan’s conversation with the leftist publisher, a galling pretension was exposed.


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Wenner stated he likes the internet, yet “like every various other sector in the United States, it has to be regulated.”

Rogan fasted to start mentioning the rational problems in Wenner’s disagreement.

“However that manages it?” Rogan asked.

Wenner rapidly replied, “The federal government.”

Rogan was stunned.

“Do you rely on the government to control the internet?” Rogan asked incredulous, to which Wenner stubbornly replied, “Definitely.”

Wenner clearly visualizes that all the censorship that he authorizes of will certainly be descending just on his political adversaries. Yet the magazine he sold in 2017 but still assists run would go through similar government-imposed tracking of web content.

Besides, Rolling Stone was caught passing phony news concerning the drug ivermectin in Sept. of 2021. The magazine was called out so highly, it also attempted to offer a worthless description of just how it obtained the story so wrong. That is an excellent example of the kind of “fake news” that would be a prime prospect for censorship in an unbiased world.

Rogan struck, though, and also disclosed Wenner’s hypocrisy by wonderfully coming close to the publication publisher from the left side of the argument on government corruption.



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