Watch: Joe Rogan Finally Flips On Woke Beer After Their


Podcaster Joe Rogan was particularly vocal about Anheuser-Busch this week after the company released a pro-America commercial that many saw as a way of walking back their paid marketing engagement with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The commercial featured one of the Budweiser Clydesdales running through America, with a narrator saying platitudes that appealed to a more conservative audience.

Rogan, however, wasn’t impressed.

“You gotta watch this bud light commercial, this new Bud Light commercial,” Rogan said. “It’s the dumbest pro America rah-rah. It’s so stupid and cliche, it f***ing, it hurts my feelings, it’s so dumb. Listen to this, this is a company in deep s***, bro. They make things like this, look you got the prairies, the ocean, you got a Clydesdale running down the street.”

As the narrator continued, Rogan continued laughing: “Shut the f*** up! Shut the f*** up!”

“Now I hate you more!” Rogan said. “Like, what are you doing? What is that?”

“Well, the problem is, if you let CEOs talk about stuff like that, and give their opinions about stuff like that, then everybody knows who you are. So you can’t just make this commercial. Like where’s this coming from?” Rogan continued. “Was this AI generated? That’s probably a Chat GPT 4.0 version of the perfect American commercial. That’s really what it is. That s*** didn’t have nothing to do with drinking Bud Light either, by the way. That made me want to move to Montana.”

“That’s the dumbest commercial of all time,” he added.

Joe Rogan’s criticism of Anheuser-Busch resonated with many people who felt that the company was pandering to a certain audience without actually addressing the issue at hand.

While it certainly isn’t the first time a company has tried to cash in on a woke ideology, it is clear that Rogan wasn’t impressed and that he thinks companies should be more honest and direct when it comes to their marketing strategies.

It’s also important to remember that companies are just that—companies. They exist to make money and they will do whatever they can to make sure their product reaches the greatest number of people possible— In this case, it was a huge fail.

At the end of the day,…


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