Watch: Senator Incapable of Giving Straight Answer When Asked if Biden is Doing a Good Job


One of the most vulnerable Democratic Senators in the country appeared to draw a blank when asked basic questions about President Joe Biden.

Sen. Mark Kelly deflected questions about the president in an interview with KPHO-TV/KTVK-TV on Sunday, at times appearing to contradict himself.

Journalist Dennis Welch questioned Kelly on a divisive speech that Biden gave at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall — only to find out Kelly hadn’t watched it.

“I haven’t watched the speech. You’re asking me something that I actually didn’t see,” the former astronaut said.

Kelly danced around the prospect of appearing together with Biden in a potential campaign event.


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“I invite anybody to come out here,” Kelly said without expressly referring to Biden.

“Certainly, I would certainly consider it,” the Democrat went on to say of a joint appearance, referring to the possibility of a scheduling conflict.

Kelly later refused to give a straightforward assessment of Biden’s job performance.

“It’s not my job to give him a report card,” Kelly said, when Welch asked if Biden had done a “good job.”

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The Democrat appeared to contradict himself in his very next sentence.

“I would say, mixed reviews on certain things. I’ve got issues with how Afghanistan, how our role in Afghanistan ended.”

Kelly declined to back a Biden re-election campaign, only stating that he would support him if he chooses to run.

Kelly faces venture capitalist Blake Masters in the November general election.

His opponent criticized him for an interview in which he seemingly refused to take any political stances.


Watch: Senator Incapable of Giving Straight Answer When Asked if Biden is Doing a Good Job



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