Woman Goes to Purchase Car, Ends Up with Gun to Her Head and Entire Life Savings Gone: Police


A dangerous trend has emerged on Facebook’s Marketplace that involves tricking buyers into meeting and then robbing them at gunpoint.

One Michigan woman who said she fell victim to the scam is lucky to be alive after a potentially deadly encounter.

WLWT-TV, citing police, said a woman named Nijme Fardous answered an advertisement on the popular Facebook Marketplace for a used 2020 Ford Explorer, listed at $15,000 but four hours away from the vehicle’s location in Cincinnati.

After contacting the supposed seller, Fardous arranged a meeting and made the long drive for what appeared to be a deal too good to be true.

The meeting appeared to be a routine transaction until the alleged robber retrieved a gun from her boyfriend’s vehicle and demanded that Fardous hand over the $14,500 in cash she had on her person.


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Fardous, who was with her parents, already had sent $500 to the seller, identified as 32-year-old Amanda Renn Griffin.

Fardous recalled how the robbery transpired.

“So, we go to the parking lot. I get into the truck with her, and we’re counting the money,” Fardous told WLWT.

According to police, Fardous said Griffin returned to her boyfriend’s vehicle, retrieved the firearm, and returned to the Explorer, where Fardous was sitting.

Would you ever buy a car off of Facebook Marketplace?

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Fardous said Griffin then robbed her at gunpoint, demanding the cash and ordering her out of the vehicle.

Fardous said that’s when the seller sped away. “I just lost all my life savings,” she told WLWT.

“Police are searching for 32-year-old Amanda Renn Griffin after they say she robbed a woman $15,000 cash through a Facebook Marketplace car ad,” WLWT reporter Rachel Hirschheimer tweeted.


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Det. Charles Zopfi of the Cincinnati Police Department…


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