World Bank Vows to Probe Pedo Scandal at Bill Gates-Linked School


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) World Bank President Ajay Banga has reportedly acknowledged that his institution suppressed sexual abuse allegations at a Kenyan school financed by numerous globalist organizations and billionaires, including Bill Gates.

Banga’s admission to the World Bank scandal was reported Thursday by the Center for Global Development. The announcement that an investigation will take place comes six months after The Intercept published a bombshell report on the Gates-funded Bridge International Academies in Africa.

Citing a leaked 82-page report from the World Bank’s Compliance Advisor Ombudsman, The Intercept reported last October that the World Bank had been aware of sexual-abuse complaints at the Bridge International Academies since at least 2013. The report further found that Bridge itself was aware of at least 21 credible cases of child sex abuse, according to The Intercept.

The allegations included a teacher slashing a student’s scrotum and “a dozen or more cases of serial sexual assault.” Bridge also allegedly suppressed information about a child on school grounds that had been fatally electrocuted by a dangling live wire.

The complaints were reportedly suppressed for so long, in large part, because Bridge’s founders devised a scheme with the World Bank to keep the investigatory findings secret. According to The Intercept, the parties entered into a non-disclosure agreement that would allow the World Bank to investigate Bridge, but would not be able to publish its findings.

The World Bank disputed The Intercept’s reporting all the way through February.

But last month, the World Bank approved the publication of an ombudsman report that confirmed much of the allegations.

Bunga also apologized last month on behalf of the World Bank. In an all-staff email, he reportedly noted that “early on we received reports of child sexual abuse, but protocols were not followed and children were hurt. Put simply, mistakes were made.”

The Center for Global Development said Thursday that an investigation should only be the first step in holding abusive pedophiles accountable.

“If a credible, independent investigation finds that World Bank and IFC management did indeed attempt to cover up abuse for the financial benefit of their client, the board should demand accountability. This case has stretched on for several years, but some key players remain in senior bank positions,” the organization said.

“At present, Ajay Banga has apologized and talked about how the World Bank must do better in handling reports of abuse. Meanwhile, it seems that those who tried to do so remain fired or suspended.”

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