YouTube Vows to Censor ‘Hate Speech’ in 2024 Election News


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) YouTube CEO Neal Mohan wrote in his post that the Big Tech company that is controlled by Google will be censoring undesirable speech to the social media platform that is related to the 2024 election while promoting the “authoritative sources” that would “inform” the public about the upcoming election.

In his post, Mohan wrote that YouTube will use everything in its power, including things like search and recommendations, to wipe out “hate speech” and “boost authoritative sources,” adding that it will be done when people search for topics that are related to the elections.

Mohan also talked about how the censorship machine that would become responsible for the destruction of everyone who opposes the mainstream narrative works when facing people who are using the social media platform and what YouTube plans to do about that this year.

“Another way we uphold our responsibility is by connecting people with high-quality information. This is more important than ever as elections take place across the globe – more than 50 countries will hold elections this year,” he wrote, adding that it is important to protect the “creator economy” and “children.”

YouTube CEO then added that the platform is “ensuring that when people look for election news on YouTube, authoritative sources are prominent in their searches and recommendations,” without providing any details on how exactly YouTube is going to be “ensuring” it.

Mohan also dismissed the past years’ high levels of censorship on all social media platforms, including YouTube, and added that the company will continue the trend.

“We spent years investing in a playbook to responsibly manage content on YouTube including longstanding, rigorously enforced policies against hate speech, incitement to violence, election interference and more. We quickly evolve and adapt when new challenges emerge, and we’ll do so again,” the YouTube CEO wrote.


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