Zelensky Drops Reality Bomb on Putin with Sensational Blowing ⋆ OUCH! ⋆ Flag And Cross


It can be tough to visualize simply how differently the Russian info pipeline moves from its American equivalent, specifically when we’re taking a look at the ins-and-outs of the political news cycle. The reason for this huge variation is easy: The 1st Amendment.

Below in the US, we can select to tell the truth on television. Our federal government, (for the most part), does not dictate what any kind of information program can claim. All angles can be discovered, with the court of popular opinion basically functioning as the last guardrail versus hate as well as extremism.

Yet in Russia the Kremlin has a say in everything, disinfecting shows and also firewalling off the parts of the internet that do not support that narrative. The info vacuum cleaner resembled a Diet plan North Korea-kind of thing until just recently, with Vlad Putin and also his cronies banning many kinds of social networks as well.

That is why one take on young Russian lady took to the airwaves herself to spread out the truth.

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A woman went viral on Monday for crashing a broadcast on Russian-state tv to protest the war in Ukraine.

During the night broadcast on Network One Russia, one of the most popular news network in the nation, a demonstrator with an indicator rushed onto the set standing behind the support and chanted in Russian, “No to war! Quit the battle!”

Her sign review in Russian, “Quit the war! Don’t believe publicity! They’re lying to you below!” with “Russians versus battle” composed in English.

The program promptly cuts away to a pre-recorded report. The anchor, Ekaterina Andreeva, is seen as a renowned number in Russian media.

The eye-opening moment can be seen listed below:

Those opposing the Ukraine intrusion in Russia have actually been violently jailed by the thousands, and there is little uncertainty that this young woman will be saved.

It can be difficult to visualize just how in different ways the Russian information pipe …


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