Zelenskyy Suggests Americans Who Oppose Ukrainian Funding Are Actually….


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a scathing rebuke of Americans who voice opinions opposing his own, claiming they are doing Russia’s bidding in its ongoing war.

In a candid interview with German media company Axel Springer, Zelenskyy asserted, without evidence, that Russia has successfully molded “the information field of the world,” before criticizing Americans who dare to raise positions detrimental to Ukraine.

“They pump their narratives through the media,” Zelenskyy vaguely suggested, according to Politico, a media company owned by Axel Springer.

He further stated, “These are not Russian citizens or natives of Russia, no. They are representatives of certain media groups, citizens of the United States. They are the ones in the media with the appropriate messages, sometimes very pro-Russian.”

Zelenskyy’s remarks come amid House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., facing a threat of a motion to vacate the speakership from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia.

Greene has pledged to initiate this move if Johnson advances a multi-billion-dollar aid package to Ukraine, totaling $60 billion.

Former President Donald Trump, who has advocated for peace in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, has opposed sending more U.S. taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.

Among the reasons cited by Trump and other America First Republicans are widespread corruption allegations in Ukraine, the perceived unfeasibility of a Ukrainian victory, and the risk of involving the U.S. in a conflict with Russia, a nuclear power.

Despite Trump’s opposition, Zelenskyy called on Trump to visit Ukraine to assess the damage and reconsider whether he still believes he could end the war. Zelenskyy claimed he has made such offers privately.

“We conveyed the messages and the context through the appropriate people,” he said. “We said that we would like Donald Trump to come to Ukraine, see everything with his own eyes and draw his own conclusions. In any case, I am ready to meet him and discuss the issue.”

Headline USA has requested clarification in an email sent to Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine, the country’s chief security agency. Neither government entity immediately responded to Headline USA’s email.


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