Biden Administration Considers Ousting Trump-Appointed World Bank Chief Because of His Answer to a Climate Change Question: Report ⋆ Flag And Cross


Days after former Vice President Al Gore called upon President Joe Biden to remove David Malpass as president of the World Bank, one report says that process could be in the works.

Malpass was appointed in 2019 to a five-year term after being nominated by former President Donald Trump to lead the bank, which has as its mission supporting developing nations.

On Tuesday, Gore called Malpass a “climate denier” during a climate change event, according to The New York Times.

The Times report said Malpass called the remark “very odd” and quoted him as saying, “What we need to do is move forward with impactful projects.”

But that was not all he said, according to Reuters. Malpass was asked if he believed that burning fossil fuels was making the planet more dangerous.


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“I don’t even know. I’m not a scientist,” Malpass replied.

With critics on social media howling for Malpass’ head, the Biden White House has begun trying to find a way to give it to them, according to Axios, citing unnamed sources.

Although protocol calls for the head of the World Bank to be an American, the selection process is indirect, with the bank’s board approving the choice of president.

“It is challenging for the Biden administration to simply say this isn’t our guy, we need to remove him. There’s not much precedent for that,” Scott Morris, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, told The New York Times.

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The Times report portrayed the Biden administration as split “with some officials wanting President Biden to seek his resignation or to try to orchestrate his removal, and others not wanting to start a new tradition that would mean World Bank leaders are replaced when the U.S. presidency changes hands.”

The Times report said that the Biden White House could use the incident to pressure Malpass to resign.

Malpass, meanwhile, has tried to appease his critics. The Times cited a…


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