Biden Administration Reportedly Provided Guidance to Iran in Saturday’s Drone and Missile Strike on Israel


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The Biden-Obama administration’s relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel has been marked by significant tension and distrust.

Recent reports from Israel and Turkey suggest that the Biden Administration may have guided Iran in its missile and drone strike against Israel, raising serious concerns about the future of US-Israel relations.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Iran had informed Turkey in advance of its planned operation against Israel, with Washington allegedly conveying to Tehran through Ankara that any action taken must be “within certain limits.”

This revelation has led to questions about whether Israel can trust the Biden regime moving forward, given the apparent lack of support or protection from a key ally.

Turkey, which has been critical of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, stated that it did not want further escalation of tensions in the region.

The Turkish diplomatic source revealed that Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan had discussions with both US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Iranian counterpart regarding the planned Iranian operation.

The source indicated that Ankara had been briefed on potential developments and was informed in advance about Iran’s intentions.

In his conversation with Fidan, Blinken emphasized that escalation in the Middle East was not in anyone’s interest, underscoring the delicate balance of power and diplomacy at play in the region.

The source further noted that the US conveyed to Iran through Turkey that any response must be kept within certain boundaries, suggesting a nuanced approach to managing the situation.

This development has reignited concerns about the Biden administration’s stance on key issues related to Israel’s security and sovereignty.

With Iran openly coordinating its actions with regional players like Turkey and apparently receiving tacit approval from Washington, Israeli leaders are left questioning where their traditional allies stand on critical matters affecting their national security.

The implications of this alleged coordination between Iran, Turkey, and the United States are far-reaching.

It raises doubts about the reliability of US support for Israel under the current administration and underscores broader geopolitical shifts in the Middle East.

As tensions continue to simmer between Israel and its adversaries, including Iran-backed militant groups like Hamas, the need for clear communication and unwavering commitment to Israeli security becomes even more imperative.


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