White House Now Blaming Trump, for 2024 Iranian Attack


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) White House national security spokesperson John Kirby attributed the recent Iranian attack against Israel to former President Donald Trump, despite his departure from office three years ago.

Speaking with Fox News’s Shannon Bream on the latest edition of Fox News Sunday, Kirby suggested that Trump – not incumbent President Joe Biden – empowered Iran through the cancellation of the Iran nuclear deal. Kirby suggested that this brought the Middle East to the conflict it is currently facing.

Kirby’s claims followed Bream’s highlighting of Trump’s response to the over 200 drones and missiles launched against Israel by Iran. Trump stated that such an attack was made possible due to Biden’s weak foreign policies.

In response, Kirby unsuccessfully retorted, “It’s hard to take a look at what President Biden has done and say that we have somehow gone soft on Iran.”

Tying Trump to the situation, he added, “It was the previous administration that decided to get us out of the Iran deal. And now Iran is so much dramatically closer to a potential nuclear weapon capability than they were before Mr. Trump was elected.”

Despite Kirby’s claims, Trump oversaw the signing of the Abraham Accords in 2020, when Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed a historic agreement to normalize diplomatic relations. Such a declaration opened the door for direct flights, business partnerships and government agreements between these countres.

The notable peace witnessed during the Trump administration (2017-2021) abruptly ended with the arrival of the Biden administration, Trump himself said during a campaign rally on Saturday.

Speaking in Pennsylvania, Trump said, “I want to say God bless the people of Israel, they’re under attack right now. That’s because we show great weakness. The weakness that we’ve shown is unbelievable and it would not have happened if we were in office. You know that. They know that. Everybody knows that.”

Trump, currently seeking to return to the White House after the 2024 general election, vowed that such global conflicts would not occur if he were elected.

“We were respected four years ago all over the world,” Trump added. “Today, we are considered a joke. It’s not going to going to be for long. Believe me. it’s not going to be for long.”


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