Bill Gates Hosts ‘AMA’ – Hounded for Gobbling Up Farmland, Then It Got So Much Worse for Him


Billionaire technocrat and devout Globalist Bill Gates hosted an AMA — Ask Me Anything — on Reddit Wednesday and his answers, or lack thereof, are very telling.

Whilst most of the questions posed to Gates involved drivel about climate change, taxing the rich, and vaccines, two very specific questions seemed to rattle the billionaire.

The first question that Gates half-heartedly attempted to dodge was in regard to his gobbling up of American farmland.

A Reddit user asked, “Why are you buying up so much farmland, do you think this is a problem with billionaire wealth and how much you can disproportionally acquire?”

Gates replied, “I own less than 1/4000 of the farmland in the US. I have invested in these farms to make them more productive and create more jobs. There isn’t some grand scheme involved — in fact all these decisions are made by a professional investment team.”


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While Gates may believe that reducing numbers to fractions disarms many Redditors, the fact remains that this number would still mean that Gates owns more American land than any other individual in the nation.

MarketWatch confirmed that as of January of 2021, Gates is the largest private farmland owner in America.

The fact that Gates would say “there isn’t some grand scheme involved” when no schemes were implied or asked by the Redditor also doesn’t help his attempt to display benevolence with his land purchases.

There are many that believe Gates and other billionaire globalists like him are enthralled with the ideology of “Neo-Feudalism” which heavily leans on the ownership of land and food production for control.

Should Bill Gates be banned from acquiring any more American farmland?

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The second question that made Gates look less than innocent was in regard to his former relationship with the deceased human trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein.

One of the most heavily “upvoted” questions was, “What about your friendship with Epstein? Why did you spend time with this guy?”

While Gates was consistently responsive to nearly every question…


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