Is CNN on Life Support? Bad Doesn’t Even Begin to Explain What Happened in 2022


The situation at CNN is so shockingly bad that it managed to lose a third of its primetime viewing audience last year compared with 2021, Adweek reported last week.

The network experienced a 33 percent loss in total primetime viewers year over year and a 27 percent decline in total day viewers, according to the report, which cited Nielsen ratings.

Things were even worse in the key 25-54 demographic, with a 36 percent drop in primetime and a 34 percent loss in total day. Yikes.

Adweek noted that “the network’s 122,000 total day demo average in 2022 represents CNN’s smallest demo audience ever.”

Summarizing the numbers in simple terms, Breitbart’s John Nolte wrote, “That means CNN averages only 722,000 primetime viewers, 171,000 primetime demo viewers (25-54 age range), 565,000 total day viewers, and 122,000 total day demo viewers. As far as the cable news race, CNNLOL is in last place by a country mile.”


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Even more embarrassing? 2022 was an election year. Cable news channels typically do not have to work too hard to get decent ratings during an election year.

Interestingly, CNN’s ratings have plummeted since Donald Trump left the White House. The left-wing network spent years hyping up the perpetual attacks against the former president, and its viewers greatly rewarded it with impressive ratings.

But it’s all over now.

The steep drop in viewership appears to be a referendum on just how much of a failure the network has become, even with a new leader at the helm desperately attempting to correct its course.

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Those lost viewers didn’t simply stop consuming the news. They went to other networks or outlets because they didn’t like what CNN was serving up.

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald shared his opinion on the liberal network’s troubles, and he didn’t hold anything back.

“There are a few good journalists at CNN and I don’t take pleasure in anyone’s personal torment, but the institution itself is a toxic plague on the world,” he tweeted Thursday. “The strongest proof of…


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