Catholic Diocese Defies Woke Left, Enacts 7 ‘Gender Identity’ Policies That Align with Scripture


A Catholic diocese in Iowa is affirming the word of God, and basic science, in its new document outlining seven policies to deal with so-called “gender identity.”

On Monday, the Diocese of Des Moines issued a statement saying that after parish and school leaders asked Bishop William Joensen for guidance about how to deal with those suffering from gender dysphoria, they spent two years prayerfully considering a new policy and have released one “committed to respect for human dignity while honoring God’s creation.”

The new document released by the diocese reaffirms the importance of one’s sex in relation to God’s plan for each human individual.

“The mystery of human sexuality as a key component of personal identity is received as a gift created by God that we are not authorized to seek to change.”

The guide also reminds us that “respect for creation includes respect for one’s biological sex.”


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In addition to this affirmation of a millennia-old Christian teaching, the guide also lays out seven policies for ministering to those with gender dysphoria who are seeking to follow the Catholic Church.

The policies include in essence boil down to three main points: no use of “preferred pronouns,” a person must only use spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms or participate in activities such as sports that are consistent with their sex, and those who are having problems with gender dysphoria shall be referred to counselors.

It is refreshing to see a church stand firm and defend God’s word when it comes to transgenderism. The policies that the Diocese of Des Moines has introduced should be adopted by every Catholic diocese and every Christian church in the United States.

The diocese is absolutely right to affirm that one’s sex is a gift from God that is essential to His plan for creation and for you as an individual.

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