Mike Lindell Honors 14-Year Anniversary That Changed His Life: ‘All Things Are Possible Through Christ’


Fourteen years ago, Mike Lindell gave up on crack and gave his life over to God.

There have been ups and downs since then — some of them very public, of course. However, he’s the CEO of his own company, MyPillow, and has weathered storms that would have knocked most of us down.

And, on the 14th anniversary of his sobriety, Lindell is giving all the praise to God.

In a Monday tweet, Lindell posted the ultimate before-after photo comparison of himself to social media. First, Lindell at rock bottom — hair a mess, eyes red, face gaunt.

Next, the Lindell we know now — happy, healthy and smiling.


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“14-years ago on January 16, 2009 Jesus set me free of crack cocaine and other addictions forever! With God all things are possible!” Lindell wrote in the tweet, including a link to his drug recovery charity — part of his life’s mission to help others achieve sobriety.

A 2018 Washington Post piece on the MyPillow founder described the fascinating — if harrowing — backstory behind the rock-bottom photo.

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“It was March 2008, and the Minneapolis-area entrepreneur’s life was in free fall,” the story read.

“Marriage broken. House lost. Business — a company he started four years earlier called MyPillow — struggling. Two weeks into this particular hot-wired bender, Lindell went to his usual drug dealers for a fix. But the guys had already put word out on the street: No one sell to Lindell until he sleeps.”

“They refused to sell to me again. One of them tried babysitting me until I fell asleep,” Lindell said.

“Instead, he sneaked outside to score elsewhere,” the Post reported. “But no one wanted…


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