Gen. Flynn: The FBI Is Hampering the Will of the American People, As Well As It’s Not Performing Alone in This Stroke of genius


The revelations of FBI malfeasance, egregious conduct and also flagrant lies exposed over the last few days during the Durham test subject the agency’s determination to conflict and also hamper the will of the American individuals as well as the administration of the 45th president of the USA, Donald J. Trump.

The FBI is not alone in this successful stroke carried out against our nation.

For several years, Americans were force-fed lie after lie by the publicity press doing the grunt work of the Obama-Biden gang as well as their half-wit minions at the Department of Justice, FBI and others that created havoc across our nation and sought to damage lives and households. Mine consisted of.

I will certainly not stand still for this, as well as neither will certainly the hard-working citizens of this nation.

My family members as well as I are owed an apology and also we, the American individuals, are due accountability for the attack on our Constitution they testified promote, yet deserted.


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Now, Americans learned the FBI provided to pay $1 million of taxpayer money to a foreign spymaster conspiring with the Clinton campaign and also others, plotting versus America and striking at the heart of democracy and the republic. The extent to which they would certainly go to destroy America had no boundaries.

What is left is a divided nation at grave risk of being lost to socialism as well as became a dictatorship by an anti-America cabal of elitists who have actually damaged the rule of law as well as have actually been caught trying to take the future of our kids as well as grandchildren.

It matters less to me if these thugs invest the rest of their lives behind bars, for this is one of the most consequential time in our nation’s background, and also if we do not correct the path this country is headed down, we might be seeing the last vestiges of the America our Owners envisioned– a complimentary country of self-governed residents inspired with their God-given rights of life, freedom as well as the pursuit of joy.

Say thanks to God the truth has appeared considering that the Durham trial began. Truth has no concern and will constantly surface to the top. As well as there disappear disguises of sanctity for those that look for to dismantle the American lifestyle. No hiding areas, no rocks to climb under– America is informed.

The relentless and harsh assaults on me …


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