Guess How Much Gov. Hochul Earned in Second Term? Hint: Double Past Income


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and her husband, Bill Hochul, saw their income double in 2023, just a year into her second full term. 

According to tax returns disclosed by the governor and reported by outlet City & State, the couple’s gross income surged to approximately $1,902,102, a doubling of their 2022 earnings. 

Bill Hochul, former federal prosecutor for the Western District of New York, chiefly contributed to this increase with earnings of $1.5 million from his senior vice president and general counsel position at gambling company Delaware North. Notably, this substantial sum was earned despite his departure from the company in the summer of 2023. 

As reported by City & State, the couple paid $610,072 in federal taxes and $123,090 in state charges, reflecting tax rates of 32.94 percent and 6.85 percent at the state level, respectively. 

Their income also included $80,579 in deferred payments from Delaware North and $45,544 in pension payments from Bill Hochul’s appointment by Obama as a federal prosecutor. 

In contrast, Kathy Hochul’s income was $250,000, stemming from her role as governor, which she assumed following Andrew Cuomo’s resignation amid allegations of sexual harassment and a COVID-19 death scandal. Kathy Hochul secured a full term in 2022, winning over conservative firebrand Lee Zeldin. 

The Hochuls also demonstrated philanthropy, donating approximately $85,000 to various charities, including the American Diabetes Association, the Erie County SPCA, Planned Parenthood, the Fresh Air Fund, the World Wildlife Fund and Habitat for Humanity—according to City & State. 

Although New York law doesn’t compel governors to disclose their tax returns, Kathy Hochul, following the precedent set by past governors, opted for transparency by releasing hers, as reported by City & State. 


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