Podcaster Recounts Dinner w/ Barron Trump Following Viral Video


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Podcast host and businessman Patrick Bet-David opened up about his recent dinner with Barron Trump, just days after a photo of them together went viral, with Trump’s towering height capturing widespread attention.

Speaking on his PBD podcast on April 8, Bet-David reflected on his experience, emphasizing Barron Trump’s engaging personality. He described the former first son as “funny, bright, and balanced.” Joining Bet-David on the podcast were guest hosts Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana, who was also present at the dinner. 

During the podcast, Oshana shared a humorous anecdote about the dinner, recounting how loud music unexpectedly interrupted their conversation at Mar-a-Lago. Barron Trump’s response to the disturbance ignored the laughter from the group.

“All the sudden the music just comes on loud—just seemed like, ‘What the hell is that? It’s like my freaking dad’s the DJ,’” Oshana recounted. “All you see is the president on his iPad, the light’s in his face. … and Barron’s like, ‘Guys, I’ll be in my room and the house is shaking, like my dad plays the music loud.” 

Earlier in the podcast, Bet-David echoed Oshana’s comments about Barron Trump, saying that the 18-year-old led the dinner with stories. Barron’s presence was so noticeable that Tom Ellsworth—who also attended the dinner—did not say a word throughout. Ellsworth is known to be talkative. 

“I’ve never seen Tom laugh this hard for an hour and a half,” Bet-David said. “Tom is one of those guys that if we go to dinner, no one is going to talk more than Tom. … Tom didn’t say a single word. Nothing. … We just watched Barron run dinner with stories, entertainment, everything.” 

The dinner garnered attention following the release of a viral photo captioned, “Let’s take this country back,” featuring Bet-David, Barron Trump, businessman Justin Waller, MMA fighter Colby Covington, and conservative personality Bo Loudon. The image, initially shared by Waller, quickly gained traction on social media, particularly due to Barron Trump’s rare appearances in public photos.

In the podcast, Bet-David revealed that Barron Trump had extended the invitation to Mar-a-Lago as a fan of his podcasts, which cover a range of topics including politics, the economy, pop culture, sports and daily life.

With a substantial following on YouTube, Bet-David has emerged as a prominent commentator, often hosting conservative figures on his platform. 


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