Male Shaken Off Aircraft For WEARING A MASK? WTF?


Damned if you do, damned if you do not. There actually is just no pleasing some individuals. Allegiant Airlines threw a male off of his flight for using a mask. It was a hospital/surgical mask and entirely satisfied the CDC’s ever-changin policies so what offers? Political derangement and the left’s loathing for free speech, that’s what.

The guy, seen in the video below, wrote ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on his mask as a form of peaceful protest to the forced required. A flight attendant felt set off, lost her temper, and tossed him from the airplane. The little-fish airline safeguarded her decision in a statement:

“The video in question illustrates part of an occurrence including a traveler who stopped working to comply with repeated team member requests to comply with the federal face mask policy,” the declaration said. “The traveler was removed from the flight and released a refund for his fare. Overlooking guidelines from flight team members is restricted by federal guidelines and is premises for removal from a flight where such conduct creates a hazardous environment.”

The declaration continued, “The decision to eliminate a traveler is never made lightly and is constantly done with the security of our guests and team in mind. In April, the FAA embraced a zero-tolerance policy against unruly guest behavior, that includes failure to adhere to crew members’ guidelines. We invite the FAA’s restored strong stance on unruly guests, comprehending the safety danger such occurrences can create for both passengers and team.”

So what do the “federal policies state? According to CDC standards, the guy did NOTHING incorrect:

  • Masks used in a manner that does not cover both the mouth and nose
  • Face shields or goggles (face guards or safety glasses might be worn to supplement a mask that fulfills above required attributes)
  • Headscarfs, ski masks, balaclavas, or bandannas
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt collars (e.g., turtleneck collars) brought up over the mouth and nose.
  • Masks made from loosely woven material or that are knitted, i.e., fabrics that let light travel through
  • Masks made from materials that are hard to breathe through (such as vinyl, plastic or leather)
  • Masks including slits, exhalation valves, or pierces
  • Masks that do not fit correctly (big gaps, too loose or too tight)



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