The MSNBC’s Rage Patrol Claims NYT Covered For WHO? LOL


The webs are addicted to anger, I swear. They discover factors to be annoyed where none exists for them. MSNBC’s rage-machine Tiffany Cross and her partner in whine, Elie Mystal, simply switched on one of their own. The set claimed that New york city Times essentially covered for Trump and blasted them for not using Clinton any fire cover after the Durham report exposed her for spying on a President of the United States.

I’m sorry, however this made me laugh because I have checked out many smear articles by NYT authors that slammed Trump as a criminal. I have never witnessed a post where anybody at NYT regards redacted their claims after Trump was proven innocent.

“The hypocrisy of the New York Times here is off the charts. If you look at what they made with Hillary Clinton and her supposed [air quotes] email scandal, versus how they basically buried the story of Trump eating categorized files! It’s off the charts and reveals you simply just how much predisposition we have in the media for Trump. “

A fast search exposed 3 brand-new anti-Trump short articles about the expected ‘categorized documents’ which is surprisingly low for NYT however after the whole Russiagate thing I can see why they would be reluctant to set fire to an innocent man, once again. NYT is likewise infamously in LOVE with Clinton– So what the hell are these to yahoos getting on about?


Transcript LETITIA JAMES: Nobody is above the law. I pursue cases based upon proof, based upon truths, based upon an analysis of the law … The politics stop at my door. He will not avert us, he will not stop us from investigating and to guaranteeing that people, no matter what title they hold, are following the law. And I’m positive that we will win.

TIFFANY CROSS: The “he” she was referencing, the Mangled Mussolini who’s had an extremely bad week. His long-time accounting company discarded him over years of astounding monetary declarations.

The National Archives said he unlawfully brought classified files out of the White Home to Mar-a-Lago. And a judge refusted to dismiss a suit versus him for inciting the Capitol insurrection.

I imply, Trump is taking ills like a Cincinnati Bengal. And the greatest loss yet began Thursday, when a New york city judge bought him, plus Don Jr. and Ivanka, to respond to questions in attorney general of the United States Trish James’s examination into their organization practices … Source

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