Netflix Scrubs Jeffrey Dahmer Collection Page of ‘LGBTQ’ Tag After Left Can Not Take Care Of Fact About Gay Serial Killer


Netflix acquiesced the woke crowd when it removed its “LGBTQ” label from its collection about gay serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer after gay viewers whined on social media about being connected with the infamous murderer.

The radical gay lobby is forever trying to require Hollywood to be “inclusive” of gay personalities as well as topics, however Netflix’s collection “Dahmer– Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” suddenly sent gay supporters escaping from their campaign.

Netflix had the minimal series– created by Ryan Murphy as well as starring Evan Peters as Dahmer– provided in its LGBTQ group for at least 2 days after its Sept. 21 debut before activists began their review of the labeling. By Friday, the listing for the series no longer brought the LGBTQ tag, according to Range.

Dahmer is the Milwaukee male that was founded guilty of killing and also severing 17 guys and kids between 1978 as well as 1991. defined the “house of horrors” cops located when they searched Dahmer’s house in 1991:


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“Along with image albums packed with photos of body components, the home was littered with human remains: Numerous heads were in the fridge and fridge freezer; 2 skulls got on top of the computer; and also a 57-gallon drum having several bodies decomposing in chemicals was found behind-the-scenes of the bed room.

“There was also proof to recommend that Dahmer had been eating some of his sufferers.”

He was punished to 15 terms of life in prison on Feb. 17, 1992, and also one more term a few years later on. But he was eventually beaten to death by a fellow prisoner in 1994.

The reality is, Dahmer was gay. Yet LGBT protestors want it both means– extra positive representations in media without any unfavorable depictions– as well as on social media urged that Dahmer is “not the depiction we’re looking for,” Range reported.

“Netflix, I IMPLORE you to please reevaluate having Dahmer with the LGBTQ tag, specifically as one of its tags right when you open the application,” one Twitter individual created.

“You people did not …


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