Watch: With Bullets Heard Cracking, Cop Calmly Puts Down His Coffee and Lines Up 183-Yard Kill Shot


Amazing body-worn camera footage released by the Tacoma Police Department shows the eerie calm and laser focus of an officer as he arrived on the scene to an active gunfight and cooly dispatched an attacking assailant with a single rifle shot at 183 yards.

According to KIRO-TV, the assailant, Peter Tyler Collins, 40, engaged in a 16-minute shootout Aug. 28 with Tacoma Police after officers began to investigate a domestic assault call. Video from a Ring doorbell camera began with Collins yelling at police to stop following him as he entered his home.

According to the Pierce County Force Investigation Team video of the incident, Collins was armed with two rifles and two handguns and “a large amount of ammunition.”

Collins was then observed exiting his home to the rear.

As he approached a vehicle, a Tacoma Police officer, identified as Officer Jose Figueras by The Tacoma News Tribune, was heard yelling, “Let me see your hands, man. Do not get in the car, man.”


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The suspect responded, “What?” and the officer repeated his command. “Do not get in the car.”

That’s when the shooting started. “Shots fired,” the officers shouted. “Shots fired! Shots fired!”

Officer Figueras and Officer Zachery Hobbs ran for cover behind nearby vehicles as Collins fired a hail of bullets at them.

“He has a long gun, get units here,” Figueras radioed. “I have no angle, I have no angle.”

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Hobbs and Figueras returned fire at Collins, but were unable to hit him. The suspect then attempted to flee on foot.

“Okay, he reloaded,” an officer was heard shouting. “Are those shots coming from the outside?”

Reinforcements would come in the form of Officer Christopher Munn, who would end the fight with a single round from his service rifle, 183 yards away.

In the video, Munn is seen inside his vehicle, arriving on the scene, setting his coffee cup on the dashboard as he parked his patrol…


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