Sorry, Libs: ABC News Reporter Lays Out Why Hope Is Fading For Strong Dem Midterm Performance


It’s the one midterm narrative the mainstream media outlets love.

NBC News, Aug. 30: “Here are the signs Republicans’ hopes for a ‘red wave’ are receding ahead of the 2022 elections.” The Associated Press, Sept. 6: “Red wave crashing? GOP momentum slips as fall sprint begins.” Bloomberg, Sept. 8: “GOP Is on the Defense as Chances of a ‘Red Wave’ Fade.”

You know the talking points: Biden got his preposterously named “Inflation Reduction Act” passed, Donald Trump-backed GOP candidates were struggling in the polls in several key states and the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade had thrown the midterm deck up in the air.

Not so fast, according to ABC News senior national correspondent Terry Moran. Appearing on the network’s “This Week” on Sunday, Moran acknowledged abortion had changed the landscape a bit, but the underlying facts that were driving the “red wave” in the first place? They’re still there.

Host Martha Raddatz noted that with “less than a month to go … Democrats were feeling pretty hopeful about their chances. Do you still get that sense?”


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“No, I think the air went out of that balloon,” Moran said.

“Look, the economy is so tough for so many people,” he said. “Food prices, rent spiking, if [voters have] got retirement funds, those are evaporating.”

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He went on to say that “even the issue of abortion — which did drive several special elections and that remarkable referendum result in Kansas — while there are millions for whom that will be the number one issue, I just think the economic headwinds are so tough.”

That’s complicated by the captain of the ship, of course: President…


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