Watch: Joy Reid Clearly Thinks Girls Shouldn’t Feel Safe In


MSNBC host Joy Reid was widely criticized Tuesday night on her show The ReidOut. Host Reid had a rant about Republicans passing laws protecting women from having to be exposed to men in locker rooms and bathrooms, as well as in female sports competitions.

I know, what else is new? While Reid is an easily dismissable nutjob for people with any shred of moral fiber, she’s a beacon to the liberal left.

The last ‘man’ standing from the old way of reporting following a massive media perge that cleared inciteful hosts like Reid out of liberal media.

Reid labeled these laws as “anti-trans” and “dressing up transphobia as feminism”.

This could not be further from the truth. Women and girls have been victims of assault and harassment in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms by men pretending to be women. That is why laws protecting women and girls from this kind of abuse are so important.

It is also important to have fairness in sports. Men and women are not the same, physically speaking. Allowing men to compete in female sports is not only unfair but it also causes embarrassment and humiliation for the female participants. Women could see their years of hard work and dedication to their sport all go down the drain with the unfair competitive edge men would have over them.

It has become clear over the last few years that Republicans have been advocating for traditional values and have committed to protecting women and children. Not only have Republicans put forth bills protecting girls and women in the locker room and on the playing field, but they have also pushed bills that protect the unborn.

If women’s safety, privacy, and dignity are a priority for Republicans, why wouldn’t they prioritize protection of those who are not yet born? Little lives are cut short due to abortion, and it is heartbreaking. Medical professionals have seen that even at very young stages, unborn babies have vital responses and can feel pain. Republicans are advocating for the value of life and protection of the unborn–something to be celebrated, not ridiculed.

Reid has accused Republicans of “dressing up transphobia as feminism”, but it is clear to the viewer that Republicans are saving women’s sports.

They are advocating for women’s rights and fighting for fairness in the locker rooms and on…


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